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The Most Versatile Grandstand System

The SSP Grandstand System Includes a Variety of Seating Options, the SSP Roofing System and Versatile Stairway and Access Solutions.

Extensive Experience

Pakar Seating by SSP Global

With more than 70 years combined experience in this industry, SSP Global is committed to delivering great value with superior quality to our clients.

SSP Global ensures a complete and successful implementation of every Pakar Seating System by SSP Global while delivering cost-effective solutions that comply with International Standards. Our extensive experience in the North American  market enables us to provide our clients with the best Grandstand Design Solution.

The Pakar Seating System by SSP Global  has been involved in many high profile International Events such as:

  • 2010 Olympic Games
  • Honda Celebration of Light
  • Faith Hill Concert
  • Nike Celebration
  • World Ski and Snowboard Open
  • Odlum Brown Tennis Open

Suitable for your Sporting and Cultural Events

The Pakar Seating System by SSP Global is extremely versatile, therefor, it can be installed either as a PERMANENT or REMOVABLE Grandstand. It can be displaced and re-installed at any location quickly and easily. The system of frames is pre assembled with an interlocking system, ties, braces, beams and deck units that locks together for fast assembly. Our Grandstand can be installed on any type of surface i.e. concrete, grass and sand (Desert). It can be installed on a slope depending on soil condition. Our system can be used both Outdoor and Indoor. For Outdoor use, it can be equipped with a roof system (Complete roofing or Semi-roofing).

Our grandstands are based on solid engineering for comprehensive, cost-effective solutions and years of commitment and innovation. We will design your grandstand only after considering all the factors that affect your event:

  • Location of spectators, capacity, sight-lines, entrance and exit position
  • Access considerations such as: Stairs, Transverse Aisles, Ramps and facilities for disabled people. We will help you select a seat that fits your budget. We supply: Tip up, Bucket Flat seating, Temporary or Permanent Grandstands.

Our design team will work with you to achieve the highest level of safety, comfort, aesthetics and usability which perfectly fit your location.

Grandstand Seating

Grandstand Roofing System

Grandstand Stairway System

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