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SSP Arma Guard

Debris Netting

Arma Guard Debris Netting is a mesh material made from high density knitted polyethylene designed to enclose dust, debris and other objects emitted from construction sites. Available in 50% and 70% mesh Arma Guard Debris Netting provides a safe barrier for workers and pedestrians as well as a breathable enclosure or a temporary shade cloth. Arma Guard Debris Netting is stocked in a variety of colours and sizes and can be custom fabricated to suit any project. The material is lightweight and easy to handle during installation saving time and money. It is easily installed using cable ties to scaffold frames through the pre-fabricated button holes that are knitted on the hems of the material. Although netting is primarily used for scaffold enclosures, Arma Guard Debris Netting can be used for a variety of applications from industrial to commercial and many residential sites as well.

SSP Arma Guard

Shrink Wrap

Arma Guard Shrink Wrap is an industrial grade premium polyethylene film used to tightly and securely enclose a structure. Arma Guard is formulated with either flame retardent or non retardant additives and is highly resistant to sunlight, chemicals, mildew and liquids. Arma Guard Shrink Wrap is intended to shrink between 20 – 30% of its original size by applying propane fired heat from a heat torch or shrink gun. The material will conform to the structure or object that is being covered creating a skin tight, Impermeable enclosure. Designed for medium and heavy duty applications, Arma Guard Shrink Wrap can withstand harsh winter weather conditions and will not deform due to heat or cold climates. Arma Guard Shrink Wrap is ideal scaffold enclosures, drydocks, boat covers, storing equipment, lead abatement, containment and a variety of other applications.

SSP Arma Guard

Catch Fan

SSP Global’s Catch Fan, absorbs and contains debris that may fall from jobsites. Our Unique `Wind-lock’ design protects against high-winds and potential damage to the building and the system. Catch Fan’s can easily be fitted directly to steel frame, precast concrete or scaffold. These units are easily retracted in high wind conditions or snow to protect people and property from potential hazards such as falling debris and objects. Catch fan’s can be easily fitted around corners and can be quickly and easily repositioned up or down the building either by manpower or overhead crane. Units are easily folded up to allow access for delivery cranes, protecting property, the public and site workers.