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We have conducted in-depth research into the effects of productivity loss and costly over runs in projects. Adverse weather on construction projects and inefficient approaches to tackling access result in downtime and work on the critical path being affected. As a result we developed a fully modular temporary roofing system and new access solutions to solve the issue and ensure projects can remain working 365 days a year and functioning more efficiently. At Clear Span the customer always comes first, our roofing and access solutions are designed by scaffolders for scaffolders which ensures that the highest standards are delivered to protect construction workers and ensure projects in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Unique 2-in-1 System

SSP Clear Span is the only system available worldwide that can be used for both Temporary Roof and Suspended Access purposes.

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2-in-1 System

Temporary Roof

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2-in-1 System

Suspended Access

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