Hinged Spigots

The male and female spigots combine to form a pivotal joint that works vertically and horizontally as a hinged joint and can ensure that beams can fit irregular shapes. They are adjustable to fit 780 and 450 beams. The 780 articulated spigots offer 7 pre-determined angles; 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25 degrees. The 450 articulated spigots offer 4 pre-determined angles; 5,12,19,25 degrees. The articulated spigot can also function as a horizontal hinge joint providing multiple angle possibilities ranging 90 degrees in both directions.


Available in these sizes/weights:

Product No.Desc.Size (mm)
2127Hinged Spigot 450 & 780 (B. Chord/ Plan)5.12
2128Hinged Spigots 450 (T. Chord)5.12
2087Hinged Spigots 780 (T. Chord)6.4