Keder Sheeting

The sheeting is heavy duty offering full weather protection against heavy precipitation such as rain and snowfall and can withstand winds up to 120km/hr. Keder comes in a variety of grades, sizes and it comes in transparent sheets or coloured depended on the job requirements. It has high tensile strength, woven and has double sided waterproof protection. The Keder beads ensure that it can be easily mounted onto the modular track and removed as required. The Keder sheeting is environmentally friendly and can be reused.


Keder Sheeting:

Product No.Size (m)
2063Sheet 10 x 2.13m
2064Sheet 15 x 2.13m
2065Sheet 20 x 2.13m
2066Sheet 25 x 2.13m
2067Sheet 30 x 2.13m
2068Sheet 35 x 2.13m
2069Sheet 40 x 2.13m
2070Sheet 45 x 2.13m
2071Sheet 10 x 2.57m
2072Sheet 15 x 2.57m
2073Sheet 20 x 2.57m
2074Sheet 25 x 2.57m
2075Sheet 30 x 2.57m
2076Sheet 35 x 2.57m
2077Sheet 40 x 2.57m
2078Sheet 45 x 2.57m
2079Sheet 10 x 3.05m
2080Sheet 15 x 3.05m
2081Sheet 20 x 3.05m
2082Sheet 25 x 3.05m
2083Sheet 30 x 3.05m
2084Sheet 35 x 3.05m
2085Sheet 40 x 3.05m
2086Sheet 45 x 3.05m
2087Sheet 10 x 3.07m
2088Sheet 15 x 3.07m
2089Sheet 20 x 3.07m
2090Sheet 25 x 3.07m
2091Sheet 30 x 3.07m
2092Sheet 35 x 3.07m
2093Sheet 40 x 3.07m
2094Sheet 45 x 3.07m